Dynamization of sales channels

Automated system for online interaction with the commercial/distribution network (point of sale or mobile).

This enables us to train the sales network, monitor their objectives, and establish direct and continuous contact with them.

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Dynamization of sales channels

Dynamisation of the Commercial Network: improve training levels with continuous evaluation. Capturing leads at the point of sale: get information and new customers.

Sales network

Sales network

Training and Commitment to the Objectives (training pills and point redemption systems).

Data capture

Data capture

Product prescription
Games, competitions, quizzes
Points / Rewards Catalogue
Point of sale / promotion QRs.



Reduce time and costs with automated processes.
For example: Chatbots

Greater control

Greater control

Improve the efficiency and control of operations.
For example: Dashboards

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Online events with the aim of dynamising the search for qualified data.



This is a club that rewards users with points for different actions linked to a brand. The points obtained can be exchanged for gifts, discounts, advantages, services, etc.


Product sales

Brand visibility


Increase in visitors

Club invitations

And much more…


Loyalty programme

Stimulate the sales channel and distribution point, increasing loyalty


Strengthen ties with your commercial network

Seller training
Sales challenges, visibility, and more.
Gamification in participation
Build a community


Identify the seller with your brand

Everyone feels special belonging to a club that keeps them informed and motivated, building a more competitive network.

Loyalty portals

Existing loyalty programs are usually linked to a retailer (El Club Carrefour, IKEA Family) or to a group of sponsoring companies (Travel Club), and are usually directed at the final consumer.

The Yooflyers Club isn’t associated with a retailer, but with a brand; and it’s not only aimed at the final consumer, but also at retail.

The Club can have the style of the Brand. It’s developed in a “fluid” way so that it can adapt to any device, regardless of its size.

Puntos de venta

Through this solution, users will receive points for carrying out specific actions linked to the brand, such as making purchases, recommending products, etc.

They’ll be able to accumulate points that can be exchanged for different rewards, including gifts, discounts, exclusive advantages and services. This solution will help foster customer loyalty to the brand and encourage channels to maintain a close relationship.

Contact centers

The aim of the portal is to be a tool for contact centres, allowing them to improve their training and knowledge about the campaigns and act as a platform for competition in challenges and incentives.

It’s a comprehensive platform for improving the efficiency and operability of agents in their work, and for the dynamisation of the sales channel.

Task Force Management

Process optimisation: more satisfied customers

– Agenda flexibility
– Satisfaction surveys

Automated customer feedback through chatbot systems:

– The client can change their appointment or confirm it
– We can evaluate team performance through customer feedback (punctuality, quality of work, etc.)

Improve the efficiency of work teams and save costs

– Sellers
– Installers

Automated customer feedback through chatbot systems:

– Find out and increase their level of satisfaction
– Evaluate the performance of the sales/installation teams: punctuality, presentation and other aspects of the work

Reduces the learning curve

Employees will become more productive at an earlier stage when we streamline and dynamise training.

Increase motivation

Participation in company activities is an extra incentive for the seller.

Low staff rotation

Training, incentives, motivation… this is what helps retain sales representatives.

Reduce costs

Through process automation for staff at the point of sale.

Improve the employer brand

Improving the Brand Image Helps to Attract and Retain Talent.

Increase sales

More Leads and More Sales, with Platforms That Streamline Capture and Conversion.

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