Promotional platform Yooflyers

Yooflyers is a module of the Yooflyer suite (SaaS Platform) that allows you to automate the creation and supervision of digital promotions It’s a platform that automatically generates responsive web promotions/microsites (mobile first) in response to the needs of the market.

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Promotional features

Establish the general information, rewards, forms, style… In an administration panel, following simple and easy steps.

General information

Style editor



Cookie data




Automated communication with participants

Handle the entire automated information flow with customers. Depending on the status, communications can be defined.

Automate your communications with customers

Registration confirmation

Rewards email

Emails by participation status

Email validation

Participation communication
Win communication
Loss communication
Status change communication

Your promo in 1 minute

Make and configure your promotion with an incredibly modern design in under a minute. Press play and check it out.

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Your working inventory at a glance

Optimise created resources, generating promotion repositories for later use in new projects.

Participation panel and workflow management

View and manage status based on participation. Status assignment, points, etc.

Fraud control and reporting management

Detect fraud and set out anti-fraud rules. Configure how you want the report and export it to PDF or CSV format.

Types of promotions

Through the different features, you can dynamically change the way you approach your users.


Yooflyers stands out for its speed of implementation, prices, customer service and additional features that allow unique approaches.

Creation and administration of promotions

The fastest

Focused on clients with a high volume of promotions. Yooflyers allows you to build a promotion and have it go live online in record time.


The best price

For clients with several promotions and a certain volume of promotion participants, the price of Yooflyers is remarkable.

Extra functionalities

The platform with the greatest added value in its functionalities

Yooflyers has input and output APIs that allow you to automate processes. It allows integration with third parties through other tools of the yooflyer suite (Yoopier). Highlight the multitude of functionalities available with a focus on picking data.

Customer Service

The best service

We provide high-level service to our clients.

Entry forms

Infinite possibilities at a click

Yooflyers provides a complete set of features for the simple and easy creation of forms. With one click, we can activate or deactivate not only the fields, but a set of additional functionalities from each field too.

Explore the presentation

A simple and clear presentation of everything you need to know about our platform. Read it online.

Custom demo

It’s a great way to see first-hand how the platform can help you improve your business.

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