Integration platform

Our platform is a tool that aims to facilitate the exchange of information between applications and platforms.

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What is Yooper?

Yoopier provides all the functionalities needed to create integrations between web applications in a simple and efficient way, enabling the transfer and formatting of information between them.

Integrations dashboard


Integration editor

Integrations manager



Integrations with
Yoopier, between platforms of the Yooflyer suite
and with third parties

All the integrations the Yoopier platform generates are usable for any application. They’re designed for reuse in different projects.



Proprietary platform


Entity integrations

Create or edit your integration

Friendly interface for the creation and organisation of your integrations.

Direct and third-party integrations

Yoopier was created to connect the platforms of the Yooflyer suite and harmonise our solutions using third-party products.

Explore the presentation

A simple and clear presentation of everything you need to know about our platform. Read it online.

Custom demo

It’s a great way to see first-hand how the platform can help you improve your business.

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