Dynamic QR platform

We quickly and accurately generate QR codes that you can link to your digital content or website to create various promotional mechanisms.

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What is YooQR?

YooQR has all the tools and functionalities to create dynamic or static QRs with ease, and all in a single platform

Static QRs

URL shortener

Dynamic QRs

CSV bulk uploads

Centralised management


QRs with YooQR,
your own way of communicating

All the dynamic QRs you generate with the YooQR platform will be 100% redirectable. You decide based on what and where in real time.



Url management


QR download

For any field
100% redirectable
A single print

Dynamic QRs

YooQR allows us to create and manage our own static or dynamic QRs and group them in a single platform.

Redirect panel

Our platform has an administrator panel to change the QR link in real time.

Explore the presentation

A simple and clear presentation of everything you need to know about our platform. Read it online.

Custom demo

It’s a great way to see first-hand how the platform can help you improve your business.

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